22 Problems Only Lesbians Can Understand


Being a gay lady is a tough game. Sure, lesbian relationships have double the amount of boobs and women are often slightly better at talking about feelings, but if you don’t dress like a teenage boy from the early ‘90s then people generally won’t believe that you like the ladies at all.

Although this outright disbelief is certainly preferable to vaguely patronising things like “have you gone back to boys yet?” and “well you did always want to be different”, both of which are perfect examples of how to make a family gathering all the more painful.

While things have changed exponentially for LGBTQ+ folks across the (admittedly mainly Western) world, many people still seem to associate lesbians with burning bras, hating men, and an absurd obsession with cats. Additionally, nobody seems to know anything about lesbian sex, and are very happy to ask intimate and bizarre questions to random lesbians they meet in the pub despite the fact that most people literally have a search engine that knows the answer to every question imaginable in their pocket.

For the record, no, lesbians generally don’t scissor. It’s very awkward and far too easy to pull a muscle.

Kissing girls is great and all, but it does come with it’s own kettle of problems. Here’s the rundown of 22 of the most annoying, silly, or downright confusing.