10 Films That Took Decades To Be Made


The journey of a film from idea to script to screen usually only takes a couple of years, but for the people behind the scenes and the impatient fans awaiting their release, it can feel like an eternity. And in some cases, it really does take an eternity, with some passion projects taking months, years or even decades to hit the screen (if they ever do).

Spare a thought for those who have an extra torturous time bringing their dream alive on celluloid. It usually takes between a year and 18 months to finish a film, but that's after scripts have actually been bought and greenlit, anyway. Some films aren't even that lucky. Some struggle and barely manage to survive and eventually get to cinemas.

Which isn't even to mention to ones who never made it that far, which are still being made after they were started yonks ago. Sometimes, it's because the project in question is a labour of love and the director is an insane perfectionist; sometimes, it's because financing is a tricky beast to tame; sometimes, it's an unholy union between the two.

It happens to everyone, too. It has happened to big budget studio pictures as well as DIY shoestring productions filmed at weekends between day jobs. From Disney classics you didn't know were in production for years, to indie movies that were slaved over only for nobody to never actually see it, here are ten films that took decades to make.